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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Its FREE to upload your images on (ASB)

WHEN and HOW do I get paid?

You will be paid in the first week of every month for each previous months earnings. You can choose to be paid via Direct Bank Deposit or into your Paypal account if you have one.

If I already sell my images elsewhere, can I also sell it on

Of course you can! If you sell a listed item through another channel, you can simply remove it from your uploads.

Does it make any difference what country I live in?

Absolutely NOT! We welcome image sellers from ALL over the world

Will I know which of my photos are downloaded?

Yes. Detailed statistics are kept automatically. You can login to the member's area and see real time statistics at any time. Each photo that is downloaded is logged into the detail section in your account.

Do you protect my photos from theft?

We watermark all images on our public server. Surfers and guests view thumbnails of images until they pay to download a copy of the actual photo - at which point your account is credited for the download.

Can I upload any photo I want?

We have very strict guidelines that determine what photos you can upload into our system for sale. Please visit our Guidelines Page for more information.

My photo was rejected, what can I do?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide details on why a photo was rejected unless we did in the rejection email you received. Since we receive hundreds of photos a month, your best bet is to check the Top 100 Downloads to see what we would like. We only provide a rejection reason if the photo can be changed and resubmitted.

What is the method that I use to submit?

We have 3 different methods. FTP Upload, ActiveX Upload, and HTML Upload. After you create an account, instructions are provided inside your account for each method.

Can I upload a photo or illustration that I didn't create?

The short answer is 'No.' However, for more detailed information on this, please the Submitter Terms of Service

What are the requirements of an uploaded photo/illustration?

Photos and illustrations must be at least 2.5MP (2.5 Million Pixels). To determine the amount of pixels in a photo, multiply the width by the length. For example: a photo which is 2400x1800 adds up to a total of 4.32 million pixels - a photo of this size is valid - however, a photo which is 1000x1600 adds up to a total of 1.6 million pixels which is smaller than our minimum size requirement. Photos and illustrations must also adhere to our Content Guidelines or they will be denied entry into the system. The size requirement for new photographers is 4.0MP at this time. There is no maximum size limit for photos, but illustrations cannot exceed 25MP.

Can I change keywords after I upload a photo?

Yes - you can. Simply go to your list of approved or pending photos, and click on the pencil icon. Any modifications to the description, categories, or keywords, will result in the re-queuing of your photo for approval.

How do I know where my photos will be used?

You may not know where your photos are used - but buyers must agree to our Terms of Service allowing only certain uses of the photographs. This includes web, print, pamphlets, posters, etc. Buyers may not use them in resalable templates, and may not (under any circumstances) resell photos downloaded from

Is there a limit to the number of photos I can submit in a day?

Nope! You can submit 1 or 1,000 - we welcome all of your photos as long as they meet our guidelines.

How do I join as a Photo Submitter?

Visit our Signup Page, fill out a short form, and within minutes you'll be ready to upload your photos.

What file format do you want my photos/images/illustrations in?

Only JPG/JPEG formats can be uploaded.

How long does it take for photos to be approved?

Photos are usually approved within 48 hours. During busy times, it could take a few additional days to get approval for a photo.

Do photos I submit have to be approved?

Yes. Our review team will approve/deny uploaded photos within 24-48 hours during normal times. If there are any unnecessary keywords provided for a photo, the photo will be rejected.

Can I remove a photo I submitted?

Yes. Any photo you submit can be removed by you at any time. Removal is immediate and not reversible.

I will be scanning my photos - what DPI should I use?

The higher the better! We suggest using at least 300 DPI for photos.

Can I add extra keywords to my images just so they will show up in more searches?

You are responsible for choosing keywords for your own images, but we do not recommend using a thesaurus, and keyword-spamming (using unrelated words) in order to be included in more searches is against our Submitter rules. We will disable your account if we find out that you are keyword-spamming.


Is there a minimum payout?

Yes, you must accumulate at least $50 to be paid by PayPal or $300 to be paid by cheque. All earnings are brought forward into the next pay period until you reach the minimum, at which time a payout will be issued automatically. If you close your account before your earnings reach the minimum, you will forfeit those earnings.

How often will I be paid?

Monthly, cheques are sent out for the previous month's payouts. For example: On the 15th of March, payments will be sent for February downloads. If during any period you haven't reached the minimum payout, your earnings will be brought forward to the next pay period.

Do I need to request a payout?

No - once you reach the minimum earnings amount for your payment type, a cheque or e-payment will automatically be processed. Please make sure we have accurate information so that payments aren't delayed.

How exactly do you compute payment?

Each time a user downloads a copy of your photo, your commission is added to your earnings. You will be able to see detailed statistics in the member's area.

How much will I be paid as a submitter?

You will be paid 60% of the total fee charged by to the user downloading the image(s).

What if I don't receive payment?

Payments don't go out till mid-month. Cheques can take up to 4 weeks to arrive at their destination and 6 weeks if sent internationally. If you still do not have your cheque six weeks after the end of the calendar month, please contact support and we will send you a new cheque. We can only reissue payment in the original form of payout.

What is a warning?

A warning puts you on notice that a large percentage of your images contain flaws. The most common problem is noise in the images. Be sure to check your images at 100%. Here are some more common reasons people get warnings: 1) Submitting more than one of the same image 2) Keyword spamming (using the same keywords for unlike images) 3) Frequent miscategorization 4) Large numbers of out-of-focus or noisy photos in a batch 5) Submitting an image that has already been rejected without leaving a note for the reviewer as to why it was resubmitted 6) Multiple combinations of images with problems (i.e. poor framing, focus, keywording, etc. all in the same batch) 7) Upsizing of images more than 5% 8) Large batches (over 50) with all poor quality shots (this includes unrotated images, snapshots, noise, etc.)


I have a comment/suggestion/bug-report. Want to hear it?

Yes! Visit our Contact Page and send it to us by email. All suggestions and comments are welcome!

Can my images be removed from the site?

Yes. reserves the right to remove any image from the site, at any time, for any reason.

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